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Nike Frozen Moment

To launch the brand new CP3.IV Nike Jordan Shoes,  The geniuses at W+K found 90 Chris Paul (L.A Clippers) doubles and had them set up shop in Venice Beach, CA to represent a  real-time freeze frame…by frame ambient installation of Paul’s Signature moves.  The results are stunning. These photos don’t do this piece justice, please, please watch the video.

The CP3 JV microsite is pretty incredible as well, the navigation isn’t super intuitive, but I’ve never seen anything like it (which is tough so say in the web world), the transitions and interface is delectable.

And to top it all off, the catchy music playing in the background is Miike Snow, one of my favorite bands.

W+K you brilliant beautiful crazy innovative &^@#$’s, you’ve done it again!