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Beautiful Interactive Billboard Like You’ve Never Seen It

Alas, I’ve fallen again for another digital billboard.

This time by the masterminds at Breakfast NYC. The billboard flawlessly marries kinect technology of today with an electromagnetic dot display of yesteryear to promote a new TNT television series premiering this fall called Perception. In addition to tracking and reflecting the users movement as he passes by the billboard, your movements can also be heard!


Historical Photographs of NYC in the 20th Century

The New York City Municipal Archives just released a collection of 870,000 historical photographs of New York in the 20th century. As for now the gallery was not available due to the high demand, but you can take a sneak peek at some of the pictures on The Atlantic website. Note that back then they don’t have photoshop or more advanced photo editing tools, but all the images are perfectly positioned and composed. Just amazing.

Images from The Atlantic Website