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Beautiful Interactive Billboard Like You’ve Never Seen It

Alas, I’ve fallen again for another digital billboard.

This time by the masterminds at Breakfast NYC. The billboard flawlessly marries kinect technology of today with an electromagnetic dot display of yesteryear to promote a new TNT television series premiering this fall called Perception. In addition to tracking and reflecting the users movement as he passes by the billboard, your movements can also be heard!


Flylight Interactive Light Display

I dont know what is circulating in their arctic air, but time and again, Holland  seems to be producing some of the most inspiring design work around! See Flyflight, by Dutch Design Studio, Studio Drift. The motion censored light show, which is set off and determined by motion of the user,  mimics flight paths of migrating birds.





Beautiful Lazer Cut Lamp

I live for this stuff! A DIY lazer cut motion controlled lamp. It’s absolutely beautiful, by fablab whose website, I unfortunately cannot read because it is not in English. The lamp alone is lovely even with out the kinect control features.


Interactive Window Display

Arcade Fire sprawl II Interactive Music Video

Arcade Fire has struck again with an engaging interactive experience. The video is available in two formats, a traditional video as well as an interactive format in which the video sequence is determined by your motion via webcam.

Sprawl 2