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Tradition Meets Modernity with African Textiles

Vlisco is an Hollandaise Textile company/ Boutique that creates incredible African wax textiles and couture dresses.

Growing up in a Nigerian household, I am very familiar with these fabrics and even own a few traditional dresses, (my mother owns more than a few!) But the styles Im familiar with are much simpler.  Seeing them transformed into something so beautiful and high fashion makes me feel incredibly proud.  I couldn’t imagine a better introduction of African textiles/fashion to the rest of the world.


Les Machines de l’île is a SciFi masterpiece minus the fiction

I need to go to here!

Les Machines de l’île is a moving, educational, 49 passenger carnival ride!  Or moe eloquently put:

“Les Machines de l’île is an unprecedented artistic project. Born from the imaginations of François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice, it is a blend of the invented worlds of Jules Verne, the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci, and the industrial history of Nantes, on the exceptional site of the former shipyards.”

PS, the website for this project is absolutely amazing

Dynamic Pop-Ups

Portland based designer Mengyu Jenny Chen has created these breathtaking dynamic pop-ups for a comic book that she is creating. I love the simplicity and the contrast. Such a powerful form of storytelling.


The future has arrived. Take photos with your hands…literally

Stunning Street Typography

A very meaningful application for AR technology

IDEO designer and recent MFA grad Michael Harboun has created Trancendz; a pair of augmented reality glasses that influence the decisions and choices we make in our  everyday lives, with the aim of making us all better people. The video is a bit lengthy, fortunatelyFastCo Design has done a fantastic article on the project.

Pepsi Bottle Light

Talk about innovation.  This discovery is Edison good.


When humans fly….

Fantastic promo for the movie Chronicle which features 3 “human shaped” RC Planes that create the illusion of humans flying.   The buzz for this movie has been around for a while. I discovered it through ads on hulu, which I usually hate. Whoever is responsible for this campaign deserves a prize!

Motion sensitive still life.

Artist Scott Garner has created a motion sensitive still life painting. The image changes in relation to the motion of the frame.

Happy New Year

Happy 2012, start working on your bucket list, less than 12 months left ’till the end…….you know, of everything. Here are two really cool calendars to tickle your fancy.

The Made Shop Linear Poster

Present and Correct Cut Out Calendar