Jess & Russ- Online Wedding Invitation

This online invitation, The Story of Jess & Russ is beautifully done both in illustration, design, and programming. There are surprises everywhere on the website, and the movements of images on the site are very well done. A simple yet full and beautiful experience. Congrats!

Images are screenshots from Jess & Russ


Full Windsor- Interactive Website

A nice interactive experience on the bike website Full Windsor, make sure you have sound open for full experience.

Images are screenshots of the website Full Windsor

Happiness Islands by Coca Cola

Discovered this cute site Happiness Islands by Coca Cola that features several cute mini games in the style of Coca Cola’s branding. Pretty fun to play around.

Images are screenshots from Happiness Islands.

Chaos To Perfection- Visual Exploration of The Palace of Versailles

As part of the Google Experience program, Chaos To Perfection is a visual experience website lets you “scroll around” the Palace of Versailles.

Below are some screenshots I took while exploring the Hall of Mirrors. Go to Chaos To Perfection Website to explore the royal luxurious life yourself.

Images are screenshots from the website Chaos To Perfection.