Custom Music Visualized

To celebrate their anniversary, Brazilian digital agency F.Biz created an interactive experience where users can request a song online and receive a one of a kind, visual representation of their song as a custom poster.

What is it really like to be blind?

This interactive website/game allows users, with their keyboard, to see how well they could fare with impaired vision.

Keyboard Karaoke

I remember learning typing in grade school. If you remember Mavis Beacon, this is similar to that typing course on steroids. See if you can type the lyrics to the songs instead of singing them. Test your skills at Typing Karaoke

Tradition Meets Modernity with African Textiles

Vlisco is an Hollandaise Textile company/ Boutique that creates incredible African wax textiles and couture dresses.

Growing up in a Nigerian household, I am very familiar with these fabrics and even own a few traditional dresses, (my mother owns more than a few!) But the styles Im familiar with are much simpler.  Seeing them transformed into something so beautiful and high fashion makes me feel incredibly proud.  I couldn’t imagine a better introduction of African textiles/fashion to the rest of the world.

Nike Frozen Moment

To launch the brand new CP3.IV Nike Jordan Shoes,  The geniuses at W+K found 90 Chris Paul (L.A Clippers) doubles and had them set up shop in Venice Beach, CA to represent a  real-time freeze frame…by frame ambient installation of Paul’s Signature moves.  The results are stunning. These photos don’t do this piece justice, please, please watch the video.

The CP3 JV microsite is pretty incredible as well, the navigation isn’t super intuitive, but I’ve never seen anything like it (which is tough so say in the web world), the transitions and interface is delectable.

And to top it all off, the catchy music playing in the background is Miike Snow, one of my favorite bands.

W+K you brilliant beautiful crazy innovative &^@#$’s, you’ve done it again!

Rain Room

Random International has created an amazing interactive experience. As visitors walk thru the 100ft corridor, they can hear the pitter patter of rain, feel the moisture and see the showers fall…all without feeling a single drop of water.  Sophisticated sensors react to the movement and presence of the user to ensure that rain is detracted from their path.



Old Spic Muscle Music

If you have been anywhere near a computer in the last month, you’ve probably already seen the Terri Crews Old Spice Interactive Video. W+K (the same guys responsible for the “look at your man now back at me original old spice campaign) strike again with yet another ingenious digital campaign. Use your keyboard as an instrument to control the Terri Crews music machine.

What an awesome entry to reign in our 100th blog post!



Hovding – The Invisible Helmet

This is why I love design.

Swedish industrial designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin began their masters thesis 7 years ago and have since redefined common perceptions of safety and style, particularly for cyclists by giving birth to Hovding, the invisible helmet. A bicycle helmet that functions much like an automobile airbag despite resembling a stylish scarf. These wonders are real and can be purchased here.


Beautiful Interactive Billboard Like You’ve Never Seen It

Alas, I’ve fallen again for another digital billboard.

This time by the masterminds at Breakfast NYC. The billboard flawlessly marries kinect technology of today with an electromagnetic dot display of yesteryear to promote a new TNT television series premiering this fall called Perception. In addition to tracking and reflecting the users movement as he passes by the billboard, your movements can also be heard!

Thank God- Condoms Protect, Creative Campaign

Thank God- Condoms Protect is a very power campaign. The Catholic Church disapproves the use of condoms and it contributes to the spread of HIV/AIDS. In order to deliver a strong message to the Catholic Church, the student organization Youth Aganist AIFS brought Virgin Mary to tears using real life statue and Facebook likes.

They placed a specially made Virgin Mary statue in a clear plastic cube, for every Facebook like on their campaign page, a tear drops from virgin mary’s eyes to the tube. It is a visual indicator of how many people support this campaign and how much pressure on the Catholic Church. On the other hand, the more powerful meaning awaits: If enough people like the Thank God- Condoms Protect Facebook page and the Catholic Church does not respond, the Virgin Mary statue will eventually drown in her own tears.

THANK GOD – CONDOMS PROTECT! // CASE from deepblue networks on Vimeo.

Images are screenshots from Thank God – Condom’s Protect website