Thank God- Condoms Protect, Creative Campaign

Thank God- Condoms Protect is a very power campaign. The Catholic Church disapproves the use of condoms and it contributes to the spread of HIV/AIDS. In order to deliver a strong message to the Catholic Church, the student organization Youth Aganist AIFS brought Virgin Mary to tears using real life statue and Facebook likes.

They placed a specially made Virgin Mary statue in a clear plastic cube, for every Facebook like on their campaign page, a tear drops from virgin mary’s eyes to the tube. It is a visual indicator of how many people support this campaign and how much pressure on the Catholic Church. On the other hand, the more powerful meaning awaits: If enough people like the Thank God- Condoms Protect Facebook page and the Catholic Church does not respond, the Virgin Mary statue will eventually drown in her own tears.

THANK GOD – CONDOMS PROTECT! // CASE from deepblue networks on Vimeo.

Images are screenshots from Thank God – Condom’s Protect website


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